Friday, November 21, 2008

To the ones who didn't make it.

The 20th of November (gone by but an hour) was the Transgender Day of Remembrance, a special day to me because I'm glad to have a day to recognize the courage of my transgendered friend Kobe. Kobe and his new fiancée Gayle have been the most excellent friends to me from day one. Kobe has always been Kobe to me, beginning as she, then as he, but older students at Carroll knew him once as Megan. In his transition to his true self, he has faced tribulation beyond my imagination. Although I have not heard of any threats or violence carried out against him, I know that some - even the most accepting of peers - have not been understanding of what he has had to do. Gayle hasn't even been able to tell her family of their engagement yet (familiar? :-S ). I smile when I watch the new generation of Pep Band kids, who have no idea of Kobe's struggle, treat him as he should be treated. Hope? I think so. God bless Kobe and Gayle.

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