Saturday, November 22, 2008

I don't make this up, folks.

The world is so surreal when you don't know what's going on.

Outside my window, on the opposite hill about fifty yards away, there are three men. One is lying on the ground with a pack next to him, an apparent transient. The other two (not in uniforms of any kind, not Carroll personnel) appear to be performing medicine on him. Actually, the way it has been most of this time is that one has gloves on and is kneeling by the transient and doing indeterminate things to him while the other is standing and holding a clipboard. They do the normal "talk to one another as if the patient is not there" thing that medical personnel seem to think helps people.

A minute ago the poor transient was moaning (were they setting a broken bone? giving him a shot? I don't know), then one of the other men started putting this orange thing against the transient's arm. By this time, they have been here with the transient for at least half an hour, and I'm pretty sure the transient has been here for at least an hour and a half. I'm not sure why they haven't taken him to the hospital yet. The two men seem to be pretty damn calm about the fact that there's a hurt man at their feet. They stand and seem to be asking him questions. It looks like this will take a while. Perhaps I should call an ambulance?

Update: So about 5 minutes after I wrote that first part, I wandered across the hall to see if Ashley could provide any insight into what was going on. She and my friend Briana cleared things up. It was part of a live-action wilderness survival training course. I think I've had my drug trip for the day!

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