Friday, November 21, 2008

I missed one.

This part 6 of the meme includes both Wednesday and Thursday because I forgot. No big deal, right. Wrong. I was almost all the way done with this set of ten when I pulled a bonehead move and managed to irreversibly delete it all. So here they are, as far as I can remember. And no, you don't get any explanations because I don't feel like it.

1) People who face possible discrimination and violence with courage, heart and determination.
2) Other people's Photoshop skillz.
3) Coffee.
4) High school friends who turned out to actually be friends.
5) Musicals.
6) The chance to get to see my tiny sister in her senior musical.
7) Snow tires.
8) Tabbed browsing.
9) French cop shows.
10) The infinite possibilities for puns within the English language.

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