Saturday, November 15, 2008

Thankfulness: I has it (Part Deux)

1) (Saints'o'mercy), my bitchy damn friends. God knows I love 'em, but do they? Apparently not. They'd have been on yesterday's list except for the fact that I was saving them because they are so obvious and easy to think of. So to all of you who are willing to admit that you are my friends, thank you for being so awesome. Such good times we have together - playing and getting scolded by the Wii, making fun of each other mercilessly, strumming banjo like old hippies, waterfall-sliding, and politically debating - even if you are whiny bitches. It turns out even whiny bitches can make excellent friends :)

2) Los Lyones. They're another obvious one that I would save but for the fact that they're especially pertinent today: I get to see them! Yay! Why are the so wonderful? Is it in their blood? Who knows. All I know is that they are a pretty-much-amazing, supportive, encouraging, smart, talented bunch of people. Disgusting, really, how awesome they are, but I'll forgive them that small trespass.

3) The weekend. When else would I get a chance to sleep in until 11:00? Even if parts of it get taken away sometimes by pep band or other things, it's a chance to screw off and/or get ahead (mostly the former) that keeps me from going insane.

4) iPod Touch. Yes, I love technology, but not as much as you, you see... but still, I love technology, always and forever. I was reading a pdf of a book last night at the basketball game(s), then showed somebody a page on the Carroll website, then showed somebody else some YouTube videos. On an iPod! I'm still in awe. Thank you, Steve Jobs!

5) Heating systems of any sort. Mmm, toasty. It's so nice when they leave it on at night and you get to feel cozy all night even if the wind may whip outside. Some of my favorite memories of winter involve watching through the window as the huge flakes fell outside. Dizzying and satisfying at the same time. It makes winter so nice (in addition to wool).

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