Sunday, November 16, 2008

Cinq choses

1) My sisters. I'm the blond bastard nestled between dashing redheads Keely (9 years older) and Colleen (3 years younger). We have such interesting dynamics because of our age differences, and I haven't gotten to spend as much time around either of them as I would like, but they're both awesome. In addition to each being an alsome person in her own right, they're always there to hear what's going on, and are very good listeners - perfect sisters.

2) Webcomics. For those of you who haven't spent time around my computer, I read A LOT of webcomics. I'm always finding intriguing new ones, and I can't help myself. There are just so many talented writers/artists out there, and I'm constantly impressed by both their artistic skill and their ability to spin stories out of their hectic lives and into the Series of Tubes. I found two new ones today that I love:

3) Film photography. I've got nothing against digital. I even hope to someday have a digital SLR. But film gives me so many things that I love: a bit of a challenge to get what I want in the film I have, a chance to physically manipulate the production of prints, and a sense of nostalgia. I could never have learned as much about photography - the hard way is the best - as I have without having spent it doing film photography, and I'm so excited to learn more.

4) Video games. Half-Life 2 Deathmatch and the Wii, specifically. Spending time killing your friends and laughing about it - what more could one really ask for? Even if the Wii bitches us out or we get killed incessantly by the rock attack or plasma grenade, we know we love it because it's spending time doing things with the people you love.

5) Clean water, plentiful food, and sufficient housing. Perhaps I'm not allowed to do these basic, roof-over-your-head things, but to be honest, I am grateful for them. It's something you can't really explain in its full depth, but I'll try: there are people out there tonight who are sleeping on trash heaps, who are cowering in fear of getting stabbed or blown up in their sleep, and even some who are dying because of bad water (among other things). The biggest thing I have to bitch about in that way is a leaky window and sometimes-cloudy water. Damn, I'm lucky.

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