Monday, August 25, 2008

Ice is nice – and will suffice.

I'm moving to warmer climates. I foresee that the warm ocean around Florida, California, Texas... these will do quite nicely. Why?

I've seen the Apocalypse, my friends, and it's full of broken furnaces and cold showers.


  1. Boro isn't keeping up with its end of the tuition agreement, I gather.

  2. They ended up fixing the boiler... but now the mice have moved in and are eating my Honey Nut Cheerios and biting my boyfriend's toes. NOT ACCEPTABLE. But Shiloh, one of the bigwigs, threw a fit and now we have professional exterminators setting traps. Which makes me wonder what the next plague will be. Locusts are okay; I hear you can eat them. Frogs are pretty okay. Maybe I could keep one as a pet. And I don't have any firstborn sons to speak of, so bring it on.