Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Leaky Tuesday

1) Paul. Paul. Paul. Paul. Paul! My building's janitor Paul saved my life (okay, so just most of my possessions - same thing) today. While I was type-type-typing on my computer, I suddenly heard a wooshing water noise behind me. Those hose that supplies my sink had randomly broken! I was unable to turn the valve to shut it off, so I went shouting for Paul's help, and he so sweetly shut it off, helped me mop up the inch of water that had accumulated in that part of the room in the minute-and-a-half the leak had gone on, and called the plumber in to replace the hose. You could never meet a kinder-hearted person than Paul. My hero!

2) Professors who incur no penalty for skipping class. Today would've been a disaster if I'd have actually gone to Technical Writing like a good girl. The leak happened at about 10:00. I'd have been in class until 12:00 before I'd have been back and noticed the leak. This is thanks to Dr. Morris, another kind soul, who has no kind of harsh policy on missed class.

3) Late night (the meal, not [necessarily] the time). Late night dinner is something I missed SO MUCH this summer. Life is hectic, and dinner doesn't always get to happen at the right time. The last thing I need on top of being busy and tired is to go hungry because I happened to miss the "proper" dinnertime. Thank you, Rot, for giving me the delicious Late Nightz.

4) iTunes playlists. I know my collective list contains a very suspect number of Apple products, but I really do enjoy iTunes; I'm a playlist person. I have nearly 40 playlists (no really, I counted. It's 39, not counting the automatic playlists, and that's after weeding them out about a month ago), and iTunes puts up with me and my odd, mixed, constantly-changing tastes kindly.

5) Kleenexes. Kleenexi? Head colds would be way worse without the vast mountains of Kleenexi that those boxes seem to contain. Could you hand me a Kleenex?

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