Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It is true what you say: I live like a hermit in my own head.

I open, stare at, close, and reopen a Blogger tab on Firefox, like an agorophobe cracking open a door, asking himself if today will be today, then deciding that he is not dressed right, or witty enough, or that his library needs dusting. I have homework to do, after all. So I post a picture here and a video there. Pay no attention to the writing major behind the sparse, unoriginal text.

Here's a picture. My polarizer decided to make some photos lomo-tastic, which is nice, since Costco won't process my 120 film. This one hasn't been messed with because I do not yet have photoshop, and Google hates Mac.

Here, too, in my usual custom, is a video of a song I'm digging these days. This is the band Loney, Dear. They have a sweet and quiet sound that they use for stealth. They will sneak up on you and steal your iPod listening time from other artists and you won't even know why. Damn, dirty Swedes.

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