Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Now we see the violence inherent in the system.

And I wish I could mean that jokingly. This is what happens when I read BBC News. BBC will mess your shit up. They got me all excited about awesome German restaurants, then told me that women in India and Bangladesh get acid thrown on them for being independent. That pretty much takes care of the little bit of hope for the world I had with the Miss Landmine pageant. I can hear it fly out the window. There it goes.

Goddamn people.

In happier news, I get to wear a hate word on my shirt tomorrow. It won't be bad (just "Mick"), but it's representative of my heritage, and I have no doubt that many an ancestor of mine faced N.I.N.A. ("No Irish Need Apply," also on my shirt) signs. My dear Jewish friend is wearing the k-word, and mi Roma amiga is to wear one that says "Pikey".

What's more startling/interesting than the language is what language people find offensive/non-offensive. One friend (okay, it was the Jew) did not think the c-word to be offensive: "It's just like 'bitch,'" she says. Another said that it was "anatomical." I disagree - this is the MOST offensive word for a woman, and it's never used in the anatomical sense. Some other people thought the word "Jew" to be offensive - a sentiment to which, well, The Jew took offense. What else does she call herself? Like "gay" and "queer," "Jew" has undergone a reclamation in the past generation. The only case we could think of "Jew" being offensive is in its use as a verb - clearly quite inflammatory and unacceptable.


As long as I'm being a blogger, I might as well tell about other "cool and exciting" things: Design by Hümans is sending my shirt, surely set to arrive posthaste. MAIL! MAIL CONTAINING CLOTH! I LIKE CLOTH!

As if that wasn't arbitrary enough, here's a picture I took of Jonathan Richman, the saddest upbeat little old Jewish man ever:

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