Wednesday, November 14, 2007

An Explanation of My Ignorance Intolerance.

Revelation time, kids - gather 'round.

So it turns out that, believe it or not, with me, it is truly better to be a friend who is okay with my teasing. If you allow me to tease you, I can confront you in a non-hostile manner about the things in our relationship that annoy me. Okay, actually just the things about YOU that annoy me, but I wasn't just going to come out and say it. If you are, however, one of the friends who is unable to take the heat of my ad hominem style of jest, I will just think ugly things at you.

Por ejemplo.

I have a pair of friends with whom I have class. It is a class in a subject that I understand and know pretty well. These two, however, have trouble. When we study together, I explain to them almost everything from the material (not to brag, but this is without reading much from the book). When we split up the study guide to help each other, the sections they cover are nearly always done very poorly and incoherently. I know that it's horrible, and unfair (one of them suffers from about every learning disability in existence), and rather un-friend-like.

But I realized tonight that maybe I am wired to look down on people that 1) don't realize their weaknesses and/or 2) don't/won't/can't admit them. I know that if I were to tease either of these people for any lack of proficiency, even if it were as simple as poor note-taking skills, they would not be able to take it. Therefore, I am reduced to taking out my frustration through silent judgement.

That sounds plausible, right?

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