Friday, March 26, 2010

Holy crap!

New blog look! Blogger was so kind as to update its (relatively antiquated) layout system so as to allow for an enormous variety of backgrounds, a super-simple color-chooser (yeah, I had to go find the hex code before when I wanted a color not in its standard 64-pack; it was a pain in the ass), and more configurations than I have sections to configure. I know I asked you guys about what header I should use (and then I ignored you all, just like a politician, and picked the one that fit the season), and although I've done away with a picture header for now, I'll probably go back to them sometime when I'm all done trying out the new "pretties". And pretties there are! Expect lots of random changes.

Of course, changes to this blog are worthless if I don't start posting some things. So here's an update:

- I'm working on my thesis, which, when finished, will consist mainly of two (longish) short stories. One, "Blinds," is one that I drafted last semester, but which I am going to scuttle and rebuild mostly from scratch. It's about a young woman trapped by rising floodwaters and her struggle to come to terms with her loneliness, her imminent death, and her past. The second story, "Frances," centers on a young teen caught in a zombie apocalypse, her reaction to the zombification of her best friend, and her relationship with her best friend's dad, the town's only other survivor. While I'm excited to write these both, I'm increasingly worried about having enough time to do a good job. Meanwhile, I've been tied up with:

- Finding an apartment. First it was six of us searching. Then there were four. Now it might be just Ian and I trying to find a place. This week has been a never-ending series of Craigslist crawls, apartment/house tours, and questions ("Will you, won't you, will you, won't you, will you join the dance?"). And my mom doing the math (4 people + 3 bedrooms = ???) when I told her about our search didn't help. Ugh.

- Finding employment. It turns out that you need money to have an apartment. Huh. Who knew? I haven't kept very good track, but I think that, so far, I've applied for around twenty jobs around here. On Wednesday, I had two (2!) interviews: one planned, one a complete surprise. 

The planned one was to be a sort of Merry Maid (though with a completely unrelated, completely local company); it went well enough that, although my schedule doesn't currently have enough hours, the boss offered to train me and give me whatever weekend work came up between now and May. Interestingly, almost everyone I've mentioned this job to has had an immediate repulsion to it. "Maid work? Don't take it! Don't do it! I hate to see you end up in maaaaiiiiidddd wooorrrrrk...." Guys. It pays $12 an hour. I currently get minimum wage or less. It's a job. GET OVER IT. 

Anyway, the second interview was for a "patient care coordinator" at an audiology clinic (which, by the way, would pay about the same as the maid work). If I get it, it sounds like I'd be doing a variety of tasks, which is a-okay with me! They're willing to train on things I don't know (bookkeeping, products, etc.), and there's a possibility for me to move up or around in the company. On other fronts, my expanding list of feminist, English-major moms (the awesome ladies for whom I babysit) is on the lookout for editing/publishing jobs for me. So keep your fingers crossed!

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