Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Season of Light

upon black mountains
dark storm breaks open, spills out
snowy streams of light

It seems that every holiday event I've attended thus far has focused on light. I think it says something about humanity that we all (and by all, I mean major religions that my friends observe) find in this dark season a reason to celebrate light. Of course, I know that it isn't the same, cold December the world over, and certainly not in the places where the faiths of which I speak originate, but maybe what we really yearn for, what we really celebrate this time of year is more metaphorical.

Perhaps people gathering together to light a small candle against the darkness around them would do a whole lot of good.

PS: Look guys! I posted something! Crazy. Happy midwinter holiday of choice.


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  2. I am so glad you posted something, after months of tedious waiting! We'll soon get the chance to spend our holiday season of choice together on our own... someday. Thank you for being so awesome; I can't wait to give you the little presents I have for you.

  3. aw... he's cute.

    Glad you posted! can't wait to see you again! love the pictures, they're beautiful.