Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A playlist for midnight.

Sufjan Stevens.

Loney dear.

Bon Iver.

Sinister in a state of hope, summer night couldn't keep me cold | someway i let it happen, in a flash, in a flash | when all i want, all i want, is a state of hope, with all i want | summer night, and i didn't hope, for something i couldn't have. you turn me down, let it happen, with your hands, with your hands | someway i let it happen, in a flash, in a flash, when all i want, is a state of hope

My heart is with you, Sara and Alasdair.

1 comment:

  1. The age of lust is giving birth
    but both the parents ask
    the nurse to tell them fairy tales
    on both sides of the glass
    O come with me my little one
    And we will find that farm
    And grow us grass and apples there
    To keep all the animals warm
    With one hand on a hexagram
    And one hand on a girl
    I balance on a wishing well
    That all men call the world
    We are so small between the stars
    So large against the sky
    And lost among the city crowds
    I try to catch your eye.