Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Three Easy Steps to a Bad Education

1) Who uses tap dancing for percussion? Tilly and the Wall, ftw - very creative and edgy. This song, which happens to be entitled "Bad Education," also happens to have similar themes to the very strange but interesting Spanish movie "Bad Education" (woo Gael GarcĂ­a Bernal!). But, despite the similarity and the Spanish flamenco sound, the song, according to Wikipedia, is not related to the movie. Got me hooked on Tilly anyhow.

2) Unrelatedly, I'll probably be changing the colors around on this site randomly in weeks to come. I'm sorry if you happened by while it was whatever colors it was this morning... they were frightening. I found a site called Colourlovers (Brits? Canucks? Who knows...) that I think I may become enamored (enamoured?) with. Good thing I don't own any walls, or I'd be spending the next few weeks painting and repainting them.

3) A belated thank you to Matt for the encouraging comment about theses. Where would I be without you guys? You actually got my mother interested in reading what I write... crazy! Still no progress on the thesis. I even have another idea that's starting to compete with the one I wrote about earlier. At this rate I'll be graduating with the sesquicentennial class instead of the centennial class.

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