Monday, June 29, 2009


It's actually creepy how much this matches the new blog colors.

These two are in Helena, while the rest were taken last night while walking around in Bozeman with Ian. It's not the friendliest of towns, as we found out. One guy yelled at me for taking pictures of his porch. A few days ago, Ian was threatened by some dude in a truck. People in the grocery store mostly stare indignantly at me. Things didn't go well for this former GOP office, either.

Just look at that hoodlum.

Something makes me think this wasn't a sign of gang activity, though. It was in nice-ish neighborhood. Maybe someone got tired of their exercise regimen.

There was happiness in the details though. Bob's Burgers' barstools were festive!

And someone, somewhere in Bozeman, pays attention the the small things, too. Some unknown traveller had stuck this feather in a light fixture downtown.

Perhaps if Bozemanians (Bozemanites? Bozos?) cared a little more about the uplifting things (get it? it's a feather? oh, man.), they wouldn't have to spend so much time being angry at people taking pictures or biking or shopping.

Perhaps one day we'll be able to thank the feather-placer for his or her light of guidance in the darkness.


  1. cool pics...

    Bozeman, in my (limited) experience, consists of a bunch of people with more money than good sense driving around looking for something to be offended by. This comment will probably suffice...

  2. Yeah, that pretty much sums it up, so far as I have seen. It's nice enough, and I like exploring a new city, but I think I'll stick to Helena for now. They at least seem to be capable of keeping their seething hatred hidden around others.

  3. I really like these votive shots. Wonderful angles.

  4. Har, my anti-spam word just now was 'Knodzare'. I think that will be my new "rocks" word. Like my friend in Singapore is So Shiok - mine is Knodzare. Your pics are soooo Knodzare!