Sunday, May 10, 2009

Cleaning Out a Desk Haiku

in waves like the sea
the typhoon tells me to go
it lifts me away

Date of original version unknown. I had written this down on a scrap of paper and forgotten about it. Talk about your "found poetry." I guess moving is good for some things. Yesterday I found an Old Navy gift certificate for 25$ from my sister and her (now ex-) fiance, so I now have a cardigan and a tshirt on the way. At 4:15 this morning the fire alarms in my building went off, and I had to wait outside in the cold while the Housing staff and the firefighters deliberated over whether or not there was a fire until 5, reminding me that I should have slept in my new room last night instead. I think somebody's trying to hurry me out of here. They're luring me, too. I found an excellent, ancient sewing machine by the trashcans on my new floor. It weighs 30 pounds, but I think it might actually work. Who knows what this summer holds?


  1. I guessing the sewing machine will not be the last ancient thing you find this summer in St Charles... :-)

    Love the "found" poetry... it's great to get messages in bottles (in a manner of speaking...)

  2. "I'm guessing" not "I guessing"! Sheesh! How babby formed?

  3. The "Found Poetry" wiki leaves me paranoid that I might have left something in my math papers this semester that resembles verse. Now I must scour through it and... change it? Because its apparently bad? HA! Whewell was a strange man.

  4. Luv the ku! I must second that. Or third it. What brand is the sewing machine?