Tuesday, December 16, 2008

iTunes runs my life for real.

One of those many, many memes that circulates. This one came from Alasdair. You know who he is. I only skipped when French came up the second time, which I thought was fair. If my life were a movie:

Opening Credits:
Sairi del Ande - Wayanay Inka
(a laid-back panpipe tune; appropriate)

Your mom finds out she's pregnant with you:
405 - Death Cab for Cutie
(must've been unexpected - this is about a drunken trip down a western WA freeway)

Slideshow of her pregnancy:
Brain Damage - Pink Floyd
(explains a lot, really)

While she's delivering you:

Okay - The Metasciences
(a slow, slightly atonal guitar-and-female-singer piece that would be good for a low-key, depressing montage)

Your first birthday:
Exciter Lamp - Matmos
(first time I've listened to this - it's an abstract electrono piece, so who knows? this is definitely shaping up to be an indie film...)

You growing up:
Something - The Beatles
(apparently someone is in love with me/stalking me throughout my childhood. Or the viewer is supposed to fall in love with me?)

Your first day of school:
Message in a Bottle - The Police
(So true.)

Meeting your first friend:
The Wind Beneath My Wings - Roger Whitaker
(I laughed out loud. The irony is too much)

Your first day of middle school:
Two Franks - Count Basie
(a very fast-paced, sax-heavy jazz piece. probably appropriate)

Meeting your first crush:
New York, New York - Frank Sinatra
(hmmm. not the best Frank song I could think of for the occasion, but it'll do?)

Your first kiss:

Steal My Sunshine - Len
(I love this song so much. You could get any meaning you want from the lyrics, but it fits particularly well in that it mentions laying in the grass)

Fighting with your parents:
Everything That You Need - Adam Richman
(this says everything: "I'm not grown up, I'm still writing songs, and I'm dealing with you still every day")

Fighting with your friends:
When We Refuse to Suffer - Jonathan Richman
(gist: when we refuse to suffer and feel, that's when life starts to suck, and the artificial things win. This would have to be a pretty specific fight for the lyrics to fit, but the music itself fits.)

Breaking up:
Christmas in Jail, Aint' that a Pain - Leroy Carr
(Blues. Perfect.)

Your first day of high school:
White Cloud, Big Sky - guess who?
(whistling loneliness, an insistent string... excellent fit)

Your sweet sixteen:
Songs for Ghosts to Haunt to - Maps and Atlases
(manic, unclear, awesome)

Your 18th birthday:
This Charming Man - The Smiths
(somehow perfect - it's very much a growing up song: "Will nature make a man of me yet?")

Your graduation ceremony:
'Cause You Can - Birdmonster
(this song gives a feeling of running, which fits well)

Your first day of college:
Blue Ridge Laughing - Carbon Leaf
(a healthy dose of homesickness, nostalgia, and anticipation)

Your first college party:
Pablo Picasso - Jonathan Richman
("Girls would turn the color of an avocado as he would drive down the street in his El Dorado, so Pablo Picasso was never called an asshole" - perhaps I meet an asshole or am one?)

Meeting your true love:

Yellow - Coldplay
(a sweet song with the proper sense of early love's euphoria)

Getting married:
Start Choppin' - Dinosaur Jr
(another I had never heard - a breakup song)

Finding out you/your spouse is pregnant:
Fake Frowns - Death Cab for Cutie
(not the most auspicious song for a pregnancy)

Having your first child:
Revenge of the Nerds - KJ-52
(exactly how it sounds. also, very auspicious!)

Getting old:
Radio Song - R.E.M.
("The world is collapsing around our ears; I turned off the radio" - the correct way to get old, I think)

Your spouse gets sick:
Lesson 30 - Living Language (French)
(LOL - I have no idea what this would mean. A breakdown of communication due to the sickness? "├ža depends")

They die:
Hello, Goodbye - The Beatles
(upbeat and tragic when applied to this, but it fits sadly well)

At their funeral:
Blue Christmas - Bright Eyes
(extremely well-planned)

You end up in the hospital:
Light Up Ahead - Further Seems Forever
(a song that suggests that one is very accepting of one's fate)

Your death:
Action Adventure (live) - Andrew Bird
("You're not invited to my action adventure, my action adventure dream" - I love it)

Your funeral:
Autumn Leaves - Eva Cassidy
(my favorite ballad ever, I think. Well-chosen, iTunes!)

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