Monday, December 22, 2008

Blood and eggnog are a natural mix, I think.

So. My friend Nik's boyfriend, Austin, accidentally let it slip that he had seen the movie Twilight. First mistake. Now, whether or not it's true, we tease him for liking that particular affront to feminism and literature. Then Austin trusts us when we tell him that we want to take his picture for these "Christmas pictures" we do every year with all the friends. Second mistake. So he goes happily along to have his picture taken alone, then with his boyfriend Nik (with Austin in the protective, male role), then with all of us in a V formation. Poor kid didn't suspect a thing, I think. So here's what he's getting for Christmas from all of us, thanks to Ian's Photoshop magic:

I know my readers have probably all seen this, but I feel that this particular bit of win deserves a spot here.

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  1. Definitely. I feel the blood draining from me as I write...