Thursday, October 23, 2008

What is there to write about when stuck at athletics events for hours at a time?

The teams we play continue to consternate me. Last night we played (in addition to the Tech "Diggers") the University of Regina.

That would be all well and fine if it were "Reh-gee-nah." But apparently Canooks (I never mean "Canook" derogatorily; I just like the word) don't use some of the same words we Americans do, because they pronounce it "Reh-jye-nah," which, in case you were wondering, sounds exactly like "vah-jye-nah" in a crowded gym.

It's all well and good to try to preserve the old ways of saying things. But you really don't serve to make people more serious about your men's basketball team when you have the announcer attributes your shots to Vagina, announces fouls on Vagina, or even numbers each Vagina on the court (5, apparently). It doesn't do much for my whiplash, either.

I guess it's safe to admit, though, that we're all from someone's Regina, originally. Maybe I should cheer for them next time?

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