Sunday, September 28, 2008

Oh the possibilities: Digger toes, Digger-lipping...

Montana Tech REALLY needs to change their mascot. They're currently the Ore Diggers, which is often shortened to just "Diggers." That's appropriate enough, considering the history of Butte and the college, but try applying it to real life:

Announcer, a bit garbled: "...irst down for th.. iggers"

Caitlin, horrified: "What did he just say?! The WHAT?"

Yeah. "Diggers" sounds just like your favorite racial slur over the loudspeakers. I spent half of yesterday's homecoming game trying to give myself whiplash with suddenly jerking my head away from reading Langston Hughes. After a while I stopped looking angrily around for the culprit every time the damn announcer said "Diggers" and just shook my head.