Monday, September 15, 2008

Chicago style is people.

I'm sure that this comic (click to see whole thing I guess?) could be better, but there's only so much improving a thing can do before it becomes a rainbow-colored, magical, cake-bearing unicorn friend. I've had to do a bit of Chicago for history classes and various other insane professors, as well as help my fellow students with its use. Having to list everything twice, in two completely different forms? Ridiculous. I feel completely safe in saying that Chicago is superfluously complicated and outdated. 1

Oh God, have they come so soon? I hear zip lines buzzing. Storm troopers are gathering outside my door now; I hear their boots, their arcane chatter... the red pencil dart guns will pierce my heart any moment. Goodbye my friends, and remember that I love youuuttvjdsflmv,clx;ghfgggggtfdgtyhajkdfshanve88hanvsa 2

1. Drew and Natalie Dee, chicago manual of style (Interwebs: Married To The Sea, 2008).
2. Caitlin Carroll, Last Words (Interwebs: Blogger, 2008), 97.

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