Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sit up, CIA, you're drooling.

William Lamson, what have you done? In the name of art, you have created new ways to, uh, put pressure on people. What terrorist could let this go on for long without confessing?

Perhaps it is not as it seems. Stroll around his site a bit and you'll find that Lamson is maybe not so much about torturing balloon lovers as he is about exploring the life cycles, behaviors, mating habits, and natural enemies of balloons. And bananas. It's a line of work that is almost entirely unappreciated by the scientific world. The wild balloon enjoys little scrutiny by scholars, and, excepting this cutting-edge study of the aquatic balloon species, very little documentation of this quiet and unassuming creature has been completed.

A young balloon performs a bizarre ritual of self-sacrifice, possibly to protect its young (not shown). Photo courtesy of William Lamson and Time Out New York.

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