Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Oh shit, it's a Grandstreet Kid.

I'm stuck working the desk in the Campus Center (CUBE) for six hours. I thought it'd be quiet and nice, but what do I get? I get the night for the Grandstreet Theatre's banquet. Now, I'm not even from Helena, and I've been here only two school years, but I know about "Grandstreet kids": They are pretentious, annoying pains in the ass. So my quiet desk shift (6 out of 11 hours I'm working today) is filled with moronic teenagers tromping around in prom dresses and hats while talking unnecessarily loudly; small, irritating, socially backwards imbiciles; and the my-kid/kids-and-I-are-better-than-everyone stage parents that accompany the whole shitterie. As if I wasn't cranky enough today.

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