Thursday, January 3, 2008

Verses for Snow in Three Movements.

1. Machination.
peaceful snow Whispers –
falls, white,
down through dark Night.

growl, plow,
but you cannot agitate
that which is
and Infinite.

for the snow mutely plummets
slowly, surely;
it knows its End,
each flake embraces the outcome.

you, plow, fight your end
and the Ultimate.

2. Celebrant.
the sacred snow falls tenderly,
blessing the altar of Nature
and of Her enemies
with each kiss.

3. Snow Secret.
I hung my head as if deflated;
my feet fell heavily.
You didn’t know
my shoes were pneumatic pumps
that impelled ethereal snow
to break free of the ground
once more.
A smile was on my face.

Look up, look down –
if you don’t look around,
you will die
before you stop breathing.

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